Sunday, December 10, 2017

Buccaneers at Packers — Part II

We’re back with the second gallery from last Sunday’s Packers vs. Buccaneers game at Lambeau Field. Above we see QB Jameis Winston throwing to an open receiver near midfield.

Coming towards the north end zone, QB Brett Hundley (#7) barks out the signals at the line of scrimmage.

QB Brett Hundley (#7) scrambles again for some yards inside the Tampa Bay 30-yard line.

RB Jamaal Williams gets the ball on this play — one of his 21 carries for the game. A nice hole is about to be closed by S Chris Conte (#23).

QB Brett Hundley (#7), approaching the end zone right in front of us, surveys the Tampa Bay defense from the shotgun position.

Recovering QB Aaron Rodgers (second from left in the front row, in sweats), stands with (left to right) Special Teams Coach Ron Zook, Quarterbacks Coach Alex Van Pelt, WR Jordy Nelson (#87, partially hidden), WR Randall Cobb #18, and Head Coach Mike McCarthy, with play chart.

RB Jamaal Williams (#30) scores on a run into the north end zone.

RB Jamaal Williams (#30) heads to the stands for his post-touchdown “Lambeau Leap.”

QB Jameis Winston (#3) looks to throw, while DT Mike Daniels (#76) and DT Kenny Clark (#97) try to get off their blocks and get to the QB.

This is the beginning of the famous “Dean Lowry Play,” where DT Kenny Clark (#97) wraps up QB Jameis Winston, who will cough the ball up to DE Dean Lowry (#94) at right.

DE Dean Lowry (#94) has the ball here and is off on his 62-yard scamper to the north end zone for his first NFL touchdown!

Above and below, DE Dean Lowry (#94) celebrates with his defensive teammates in the end zone after returning from the stands and his first “Lambeau Leap.”

DE Dean Lowry’s (#94) TD run replay is shown on the south end zone video board.

DE Dean Lowry (#94) almost gets his hand on the ball again, leaping here on a QB Jameis Winston throw.

Buccaneers’ CB Robert McClain seems to be doing a dance here on a time out, but DT Sealver Siliga and the rest of his defensive crew seem to be wondering what the heck he’s doing.

Offensive huddle close-up.

Spotlight on WR Jordy Nelson (#87).

It was simply a beautiful December Sunday at Lambeau Field. For this time of year, it couldn’t have been a more pleasant day.

CB Damarious Randall (#23) is injured on this play. 

Spotlight on DT Mike Daniels (#76).

The Packers’ defense is in the position to try and hold off the Buccaneers near the goal line.

LB Jake Ryan (#47), DT Quinton Dial (#91), LB Blake Martinez (#50), and DT Mike Daniels (#76) try to stop the Tampa Bay offense.

DT Mike Daniels (#76) rests on the sideline, watching a replay of the offense’s efforts on the video board.

LB Clay Matthews (#52) and LB Blake Martinez (#50) await the snap of the ball.

LB Nick Perry (#53) attracts a lot of attention from the Tampa Bay offensive line players. Perhaps that’s why we didn’t hear his name a lot on Sunday.

Packers’ President and CEO Mark Murphy and GM Ted Thompson watch as their team heads to overtime in a game where they were dominated statistically but not on the scoreboard.

RB Jamaal Williams (#30) shoots for the hole that has been opened by the offensive line.

RB Aaron Jones (#33), on his only carry of the day, scored on a 20-yard run to win the game in overtime.

RB Aaron Jones (#33) gets a congratulatory hug from QB Aaron Rodgers in the north end zone.

RB Aaron Jones (#33) was mobbed by his teammates after winning the game. He had been out for several games with an MCL tear in his knee.

Players, coaches, team personnel, and media mingle on the field after the game ends.

A replay of RB Aaron Jones (#33) leaping into the north end zone to win the game in overtime.

The final score.

Your Packerville, U.S.A. editor and his wife are greatly pleased with the way the game ended.

It’s so good to see this message on the scoreboard as you head out of the stadium.

We hope you have enjoyed these photos. Weather permitting, we hope to bring you another gallery from the December 23rd game against the Minnesota Vikings.

Saturday, December 09, 2017

The Packer Tree 2017

Here’s a short video snippet of the 2017 Packer Tree™ at Packerville, U.S.A. world headquarters... featuring new yellow and green LED lights this year!

Buccaneers at Packers — Part I

This is the first of two posts from last Sunday’s Packers vs. Buccaneers game at Lambeau Field. Our last such post with quality images was from the Bengals game in September. For various reasons (weather, night games, etc.), we hadn’t brought the good photo equipment to a game since then. So, sit back and enjoy some photos of what it is like to attend a Packers game.

About an hour and a half before kickoff, fans are milling about and still tailgating outside the stadium. We like to go in early, stake out our rear-end space on the aluminum bench with our padded seats, and watch some warm-ups. This view is looking back towards our end of the field. That’s the north end zone at left, and our seats are in Section 102, five rows off the field.

Here is a mid-field sideline view looking towards the west side of Lambeau Field’s interior. The opposing team’s bench is in the foreground. The Packers have always had the far sideline as their own.

The Packerville, U.S.A. gang in the Lambeau Field Atrium following a delicious bratwurst lunch.

Packers players have come out of the tunnel and are doing some stretching and collecting their thoughts and prayers before the national anthem. The defensive starters were introduced to the crowd, and the offense will be featured at the Vikings’ game. They alternate for every home game.

The Green Bay Packers players, coaches, and football personnel are lined up for the national anthem. During the hoopla earlier this season, our thought was, “This too shall pass.” And it has, for the most part.

During and after the national anthem, the Packers always set off fireworks from the top of the stadium, and the smoke invariably drifts down into the bowl. Today was one of the worst as far as lingering smoke afterwards. It looked like one of those “fog bowl” games. This is the scene during the coin toss.

K Mason Crosby (#2) performs the opening kickoff.

Tampa Bay QB Jameis Winston (#3) scrambles through an opening in the line.

QB Jameis Winston (#3) drops back for a pass. The Buccaneers’ short passes were very effective in Sunday’s game.

Tampa Bay WR Adam Humphries (#10) is brought down by CB Davon House (#31).

Here’s something you don’t see every day (above and below) — NFL line judge Tom Stephan had to be helped onto a cart that took him off the field after he got hurt on a third-down play with 11:08 left in the first quarter.

The special teamers getting their instructions on the sideline.

On the field for the first time in the game, QB Brett Hundley (#7) is in the huddle with the rest of the offense.

QB Brett Hundley (#7) giving the signals at the line of scrimmage.

QB Brett Hundley (#7) hands off to RB Jamaal Williams (#30) for his first carry of the day.

QB Brett Hundley (#7) fakes the handoff to RB Jamaal Williams (#30)...

... then drops back to throw.

The offensive line goes one way, and RB Jamaal Williams (#30) goes the other.

In the same vein, RB Jamaal Williams’ (#30) body seems to be trying to go in two different directions at the same time.

K Mason Crosby (#2) kicks a field goal on the south end.

Here come the special teamers again.

The kickoff team huddles and awaits the signal from the referee that commercials are over and the game is ready to be resumed.

LB Nick Perry (#53) chases down QB Jameis Winston (#7), as LB Jake Ryan (#47) and S Josh Jones (#27) shadow a receiver.

QB Brett Hundley (#7) confers with Head Coach Mike McCarthy before coming in to start a series.

QB Brett Hundley (#7) looks up at the north end zone scoreboard as he approaches the huddle.

QB Brett Hundley (#7) scrambles to avoid LB Kwon Alexander (#58), while G Jahri Evans (#73) looks to impede him somehow.

QB Brett Hundley (#7) scoots around the right end, with a Buccaneer chasing him.

All ears are on QB Brett Hundley (#7) in the huddle near midfield.

Above and below, a couple more handoffs to RB Jamaal Williams (#30).

A familiar face back at Lambeau Field — former WR Greg Jennings (at left in the booth) is the color commentator on the FOX Sports broadcast team with Tim Brando.

The Tundra Line performs in the north end zone during a time out.

QB Jameis Winston (#7) hands off to RB Peyton Barber.

LB Clay Matthews (#52) sacks QB Jameis Winston, with an assist from DT Mike Daniels (#76).

DT Mike Daniels (#76) gets congratulations from QB Aaron Rodgers on the sideline.

The exciting world of NFL kickers — P Justin Vogel (#8) and K Mason Crosby (#2) staying warmed up on the sideline.

The offensive line takes a breather on the bench — strategically located near the heater.

The Buccaneers’ QB Jameis Winston (#3) hands off to RB Jacquizz Rodgers (#32), as LB Blake Martinez (#50) awaits an opportunity for another tackle.

Coming Sunday: Part II